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What Is Dahua Nkb1000 Not Showing In Config Tool

Dahua nkb1000 not showing in config tool provides an easy solution to better security. Security is one of the vital things to be cautious of. People nowadays use all kinds of tools to monitor the minute details of their homes, offices, or any other infrastructure. Today we are going to discuss its unique features that are not displayed in the config tool. 

What Actually Dahua Nkb1000 Is? 

Dahua Nkb1000 is one of the best security cameras that is known for offering a better quality image than most cameras on the market. This smart home tool comes with several features such as night vision, facial recognition, pan and tilt, and others which makes it a popular choice among individuals. 

Besides these incredible features, an issue has been witnessed by users wherein the dahua nkb1000 not showing in config tool. Users noticed choppy footage with pixelated images when trying to view the live footage from the camera. Moreover, some users do face a similar issue of the corrupted image while saving the footage to an mp4 format or during importing the footage. 

There are numerous possible reasons for these low-image-quality issues. The first and most probable reason is space. The camera’s memory might be full, thereby, it is unable to support/accept any further footage. To solve this issue in the dahua nkb1000 not showing in config tool, users can try making space on the camera’s memory for the new footage by deleting a few old videos. If it is still not working correctly, then there might be some problems regarding the Camera’s hardware or software. 

To determine whether the problem is with the Camera’s hardware or not, try the resetting and reinserting method. Remove all the batteries and wait for at least 10 minutes before reinserting them. If still, dahua nkb1000 not showing in config tool, then there might be a problem with your Camera’s components like the flash memory or processor. In such cases, refer it to a specialist such as an engineer for better assistance. 

What Does Config Tool Mean? 

Dahua Nkb1000 is a great network monitoring tool that offers users real-time information about the network’s performance. However, some features are not displayed in the configuration tool. Worry not, as we will assist you in viewing these hidden features using the config tool. 

To configure the dahua nkb1000 not showing in config tool, the config tool is used. To access the tool, click on the ‘Configure’ menu option in the main window and then select the ‘Config Tool’. Then, you will see the following things in the main window of the config tool:

The first row displays all the installed components of Dahua NKB. The second row displays all the options available for each install component. In this explanation, we will take the example of the ‘Logs’ module. The third row displays three options: ‘Level’, ‘Retention Time’, and ‘Severity’. In the fourth row, three options are displayed: ‘Filter Type’, ‘Status Message Filter Type’, and ‘Message Severity Filter Type’. The fifth row displays three options: ‘Output File Name’, ‘Log File Path’, and ‘Logging Level’. The sixth row displays three options: ‘HTTP Status Code’, ‘HTTP Response Body Types (Bytes)’, and ‘HTTP Response Time (Seconds)’. Lastly, the seventh row displays these three options: ‘Transport Protocol Type’, ‘%Transport Port (%U)’, and ‘%Transport Address (%A)’.

How Can We Use Config Tool? 

If you’re using the configure tool of dahua nkb1000 not showing in config tool, few things should be kept in mind. One, the tool should be used to configure dahua NKB devices only. Do not use the tool with another camera brand as it might not work with the tool. 

Two, the config tool doesn’t work as a replacement for your network administrator. Always consult your network administrator before making any changes to it. 

Third and last, keep in mind that most of the config tool’s settings are trial and error. Try different values until you find something that works appropriately for your network. 

What Types Of Cameras Does Config Tool Have? 

Different types of cameras are used in the dahua nkb1000 not showing in config tool. The two most commonly used cameras are, those that use CMOS images, two, and those that use CCD images. 

The most popular cameras these days are CMOS that generate smaller files than CCD cameras. However, some individuals do desire CCD cameras as they offer high-quality images. 

You can specify the type of lens that the camera uses with the help of the config tool. Most Dahua nkb cameras use a lens with an f-number of 3.5 or 4.0, while some models do use lenses with an f-number up to 5.6.

What Should I Do If My Dahua Nkb1000 Not Showing In Config Tool? 

If the dahua nkb1000 not showing in config tool security camera, then the reason behind this trouble is the improper functioning of the tool in detecting it. Follow these steps for troubleshooting to fix it:

  • Firstly, check whether the camera is appropriately plugged in and turned on or not. If not, then do it. 
  • Then, you have to connect the device to your PC. For this, open the ‘Device Manager’ on your PC/Computer and look for a yellow icon with the ‘Dahua Logo’ next to it. If the yellow icon with the Dahua logo is not displayed, then the camera may not have been properly connected or installed. 
  • Lastly, to complete the process of dahua nkb1000 not showing in config tool issue, check for updates. If there are updates available for the config tool, then install them before continuing with this tutorial. If no updates are displayed, contact Dahua support for assistance. 

Final Takeaway: 

The dahua nkb1000 not showing in config tool issue is explained and resolved in this tutorial. The Config Tool is an excellent tool for managing and monitoring the camera network. Therefore, if you’re having trouble viewing certain settings, then there might be a problem with your camera or its configuration. 

To view the config tool, open Dahua Nkb1000’s site on your browser and navigate it. After reaching there, enable the JavaScript option and accept cookies from the site. If after making all the recommended changes you cannot view certain settings of the config tool, then reach out to the dahua nkb1000 support team for assistance. 

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