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Understanding The Role Of The Cv Axle Assembly – 66-5444

An essential part of a front-wheel drive car is the CV (constant velocity) axle assembly. Cv Axle assembly – 66-5444 is a particular CV axle assembly by Cardone Industries. It’s made to fit a certain brand and model of car. To ensure appropriate fit and functionality, it’s crucial to be sure you’re buying the right part number for your car.

It is in charge of sending power from the gearbox to the wheels, which enables the vehicle to move. The CV axle consists of two CV joints that can move in a variety of directions when the wheels turn and the suspension rises and falls.

In order for you to choose which specific model matches your automobile the best, we will attempt to describe the function of the CV Axle in this post. You will also be aware of how it functions and why it is an essential component of your car.

Where is the CV Axle Assembly located?

The CV axle assembly runs from the transmission to the front or rear wheels and is present at the front or rear of the car. The entire CV axle assembly is situated on either side of the car. This is also true of the Cv Axle assembly – 66-5444 model by Cardone Industries.

The drivetrain serves as the link between it and the transmission. The CV joint, the shaft that attaches it to the transmission, and the mounting locations for the assembly’s suspension connections are all included.

What Does The Part Look Like?

It almost looks like a weight bar without the weights. A long, tubular shaft called the CV (constant velocity) axle assembly joins the front or back wheels to the transmission. Inner and exterior joints make up its two main components. The outer joint joins the CV axle to the wheel hub, whereas the inner joint joins the CV axle to the transmission.

A metal or plastic band secures the boot, which comprises rubber or another flexible material. To prevent damage, the Cv Axle assembly – 66-5444 is frequently enclosed in a housing or protective covering. Metal or a robust, long-lasting plastic material is useful to create the housing.

Cv Axle assembly - 66-5444
Cv Axle assembly – 66-5444

How Is The Part Protected?

It is shielded from dirt and debris by a rubber boot that surrounds the CV joint. Additionally, the lubricating grease is in the boot to lessen wear and friction on the joint. Joint failure and expensive repairs may result if the boot is ripped or becomes damaged.

The protective housing, which surrounds the CV axle assembly and aids in keeping it safe from harm, is a casing or enclosure. The housing, which is commonly found around the outer joints of the CV axle assembly, may be of metal or a sturdy, long-lasting plastic material. It is there to protect the Cv Axle assembly – 66-5444 from bumps, road grime, and other harm that could happen when the car is moving.

What Happens When The Part Is Damaged?

Numerous problems may result from the CV axle assembly becoming damaged or failing. Turning noise, vibrations, trouble steering, and decreased power to the wheels are a few examples of these. It’s critical to have your CV axle assembly inspected by a professional as soon as possible if you feel that there are signs of damage.

To prevent further harm to the vehicle, it’s crucial to get your CV axle assembly inspected and fixed as soon as you notice a problem. In specific situations, it can be necessary to replace a damaged CV axle assembly.

What Is The Process Of Replacing The CV Axle Assembly?

To replace a Cv Axle assembly – 66-5444, follow these steps:

  1. Set the car up on jack stands and lift it off the ground to get started. This will enable safer work while providing you with easier access to the CV axle assembly.
  2. Identify the CV axle assembly once the vehicle has been properly fastened. Depending on which one you’re repairing, it’s usually close to the front or back wheels.
  3. Disconnect the vehicle’s wheel and tire. Your access to the CV axle assembly will improve as a result.
  4. The suspension and differential must disconnect from the CV axle assembly. You will need a number of equipment, such as a ratchet and sockets, to remove the several bolts that are generally keeping it in place.
  5. As soon as the CV axle assembly is free, carefully remove it from the car. As you remove it, support it if you can because it will be difficult to handle and heavy.
  6. The procedure should reverse to install the new CV axle assembly. Replace the tire and wheel after securing them to the suspension and differential using bolts.
  7. After testing the new CV axle assembly with a brief test drive, lower the car off the jack supports.

It’s crucial to remember that depending on the make and model of your car, this process could differ slightly. If you are unsure about anything or have any queries, it is always a good idea to contact your vehicle’s service manual or a mechanic.

What is the role of the CV axle assembly? 

A vehicle’s suspension system depends heavily on the constant velocity (CV) axle assembly. As the vehicle moves, it is in charge of distributing engine power to the front or back wheels and enabling the wheels to pivot and rotate.

When driving over bumps and other imperfections in the road, the front or rear wheels can move up and down thanks to the Cv Axle assembly – 66-5444. Even when the car is turning quickly, it aids in keeping the pace consistent and smooth wheel motion. The car would not be able to operate smoothly or safely without a correctly assembled CV axle system.


In conclusion, the Cv Axle assembly – 66-5444 is an essential part of a front-wheel drive car. It is in charge of delivering power to the wheels, and if it breaks or malfunctions, it may result in a number of problems. If you think there might be a problem, it’s crucial to have a mechanic examine it, and when replacing it, make sure to buy the right part.


Q. What exactly is a CV axle assembly?

A CV (constant velocity) axle assembly is a part of a car’s drivetrain that joins the wheels to the transmission. It is in charge of transferring force from the engine to the wheels and enabling the wheels to rotate at various speeds (such as when turning).

Q. How can I tell if my CV axle component needs to be replaced?

It is a good idea to have your car checked out by a mechanic if you notice any of the symptoms present. If your car has been in an accident that might have damaged the CV axle assembly. They can decide whether the assembly needs to change. 

Q. Is it safe to operate a vehicle with a broken CV axle assembly?

A failing CV axle assembly can affect steering and handling, making it typically unsafe to drive with one. It is crucial to get the assembly inspected and changed if necessary if you are noticing any of the symptoms.

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