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What Is Crip Ancestorship

Crip ancestorship can be understood as a term that defines the perception of disability as something that one generation can pass on to the next generation. People who have been suffering from chronic medical conditions or disabilities for a long time are known as crip ancestors. 

Here, it is crucial to note that every person with some kind of disability cannot be categorized as a crip ancestor. This is because the experience of disability is different for different people. Crip ancestors are often valued for their unique experiences in their lives. The wisdom gained by them through their experiences is found to be valuable by people who had similar struggles in their lives with or without disabilities. 

Today, we shall be discussing crip ancestorship. Crip ancestorship is basically associated with finding, sharing, and celebrating the stories and history of disabled people. But what does the term “crip ancestorship” actually mean? Let’s see.

Crip-Ancestorship: The Meaning 

This phrase is rooted in a documentary titled “Crip Camp”. There are three major characters in the story who are young and have cerebral palsy. These young people decide to take part in a summer camp that is specially organized for people with disabilities. The title of the documentary has the word “Crip” which comes from the word “Cripple”. Cripple is a word generally found to be offensive to people who are disabled. 

There are two major things that the documentary aims to put light on. It firstly emphasizes the difficulties and joys that disabled person experience as they grow up. Secondly, it represents the struggle of differently-abled people as they try to fit in a place that does not seems to be meant for them. There is also an emphasis on the rights of people with disabilities and the vitality of their contribution to the world. 

Crip Ancestorship: An Introduction 

Crip ancestorship” is used to refer to people who have disabilities and whose families have handed down the understanding of those disabilities to subsequent generations. Disabled people and their allies have coined this term in order to establish a safe place where they do not need to be ashamed of their disabilities and acknowledge that their existence is as important as any other person in the world. 

“Crip” is a term derived from the word “cripple”, a dated term for a person who has some kind of physical impairment. Let’s learn a few more important facts you should know about crip ancestorship

A Common Perception of Crip Ancestors Is One of Power And Resistance: 

Ancestry from the Crips is frequently viewed as a sign of fortitude and courage. The main reason behind this fact is that many black people can feel a strong and deep attachment to their crip ancestors. This is found to be helpful in boosting the self-esteem of people with disabilities. 

Crip Ancestry Evokes a Sense of Pride: 

Crip ancestry can be a sign of pride for individuals with disabilities. The reason behind this is the fact that crip’s ancestors were frequently forerunners from the black community who fought against deep-rooted problems like oppression and inequality. Crip’s ancestors also had professional success, which may make them feel accomplished.

Crip Ancestorship

Enslaved Identity: What Is It?

The concept of enslaved identity is often employed to define how those who are held captive experience their own selves. The idea is that instead of seeing themselves as independent individuals, slaves are familiar with identifying themselves as property to their masters. 

Families frequently passed down their enslaved identities to the next generations. This implies that people who had enslaved ancestors always had this feeling of being enslaved or they felt related to the enslaved identity even when they were not actually under the control of any master anymore. 

Additionally, it implies that successors of slaves may still be subjected to slavery; however, they are not actually experiencing any type of slavery in the physical form currently. 

Enslavement can have substantial and lasting effects on individuals. Successors of slaves may experience complicated psychological issues like inferiority complexes and self-hatred. Such problems can further lead to severe mental health issues. They might also have a hard time finding a sense of satisfaction because they have never got to experience true freedom and autonomy in their lives. 

How Did Black Community Provide For Itself In The History? 

The absence of financial stability is one of the major challenges the Black community is currently facing. The major reason behind this is the way the black community has outsourced itself historically. 

The law enforcement system is a simple illustration of this. Most Black people who’ve been detained are detained for criminal offenses that do not involve violence. This happens because black people are specifically targeted and penalized by the justice system for crimes. This covers activities like drug use and prostitution.

Several other facets of black lives involve the same problem. For instance, most black-owned enterprises are sole proprietorships. The reason behind this is the fact that large corporations frequently avoid working with black people or their specific cultural issues. As a result, black people have fewer opportunities for jobs and almost no room for growth or economic expansion. 

The absence of stability in economic terms is a major cause behind the different struggles faced by black people. In order to begin resolving this issue, it is critical to comprehend how it came to be.

Boosting Healthy Ego of Black People:

In order to recover from the crip experience, it is crucial for black people to boost their healthy egos. Cripple put a lot of difficulties for people to face in their lives. However, it is the choice of the people about how they deal with it. 

They must resist letting society tell them their way of life. They must accept the freedom they have to make their own choices and choose the way they wish to be perceived by the world. 


Several people have been fascinated by and perplexed by the subject of crip ancestry. But why does it matter so much? In this article, we have covered crip ancestorship, its history, and its effect as well. 

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