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5 Smart Reasons to Contact a Lawyer Before Speaking to the Police

In crime shows, you often hear police officers say, “If you are innocent, you do not need a lawyer.” In the real world, innocent and guilty people need to contact lawyers before they speak to the police. What you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

You can be completely innocent and still get yourself in trouble because the police are naturally suspicious people, and their priority is to solve crimes. You are not their first concern. Before you say anything to law enforcement, you should consult with a lawyer.

1- Legal Knowledge and Experience

Like many others, you may think you know more about the law than you do. If you’ve watched law enforcement videos, you’ve seen people loudly proclaim, “I know my rights!” immediately before they are arrested.

Lawyers spend years learning their profession so they can pass stringent state bar exams. Then they gather more knowledge through years of experience representing clients. A lawyer can protect your rights much better than you can.

2- No False Confession

Hundreds of people have offered false confessions and served years in jail as a result. Why would anyone confess to something they did not do? They allowed themselves to be grilled by police for hours without legal representation.

Eventually, they became so emotionally drained they confessed just to make the interrogation stop. In some instances, they may become convinced that they committed a crime they were innocent of.

Hours of unrelenting questioning can break anyone. If you have a lawyer, that situation will never arise. They will stop the questioning and get you home safely. You will be protected from excessive interrogation.

3- Make a Potential Deal with the DA

If you have some culpability in the situation, an experienced lawyer can confer with the DA and often make a favorable deal. They may get the charges reduced and get you off with minimal punishment. Defense lawyers know the system and the players, so they can get results you will not be able to on your own.

4- Advise You on Your Rights

Like many people, you may not fully understand your rights under the law. Citizens sometimes believe they have more rights than they have. In other situations, they may not understand all the legal protections available to them.

Plus, it’s easy to become intimidated and confused when being confronted by a law enforcement officer. A lawyer will carefully explain your rights to you and make sure they are not violated.

5- Provide You With a Sense of Security

Talking to the police is frightening, even when you have done nothing wrong. It’s normal to feel intimidated in the presence of law enforcement You will feel more secure and be less likely to make a mistake with your attorney present. It is the logical and safe choice for anyone dealing with law enforcement.

If you think you might need a lawyer, you do. If the police tell you you do not, it is a definite warning sign. Our system of justice is adversarial, and the police are allowed to lie to you to get the answers they want. They have years of interrogation experience, so you are at a distinct disadvantage.

The best way to protect your rights and avoid undue punishment is to immediately contact a lawyer to represent you. Then use your right to remain silent until your attorney arrives. You can be completely innocent, but still need legal representation. Justice is not always done, but you have a better chance of receiving it if you hire an experienced lawyer.

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