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Top 5 Categories Of Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products have multitudes of variety when it comes to external body care. These include products- chemical and herbal based for each body part nourishment, protection and overall good condition. Personal care and beauty products are indispensable parts of life for a healthy and blissful living. In the busy tone of your life, these save you from the effects of ageing. The categories listed here are to be checked out with your personal collection of beauty products. It creates a huge difference from nothingness to loving and pampering yourself.

It is not recommended to get hold of all the items listed. But to start with a few of them is desirable for self-care. Nourish your soul and fulfil your dreams with a better and radiant you. However, your hair, nails, skin and eyes glow with perfect clarity and display vitality and unmatched endurance in harsh conditions. Do not underestimate your body in these respects. Try some of these to reveal the best version of yourself. Here is a repertoire of personal care and beauty products to consider taking home for instant and long term earthly benefits.

5 Category Checklists of Cosmetic Products:

Based on the sensitive skin and body parts concerned, the cosmetic products have been charted out into five main categories. However, these come with a plethora of sub-categories of products for cleansing and sealing the concerned body part for several hours with its protective care.

1) Skincare range:

Mainly offers skin moisturisers (creams, lotion and gels), exfoliation scrubs, hair removal creams and devices. Beauty products for makeup- skin primer, foundation, concealer, toners etc.

2) Facial care range:

Face masks, toners, serum, lip scrubs, lip balm, lip gloss, eyebrow trimmers, eye shadow palettes, eye liners, under-eye creams and so on to glow up, enhance the facial features.

3) Hair care products range:

Hair masks, hair oil, hair cream, hair serum, shampoos, conditioners, (keratin oil based composition).

4) Personal care products:

Massaging oils, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, soaps, body washes, deodorants, perfumes.

5) Treatment care range:

Use for anti-hair fall, acne reduction, anti-inflammatory products for body and facial skin. These are known for their antimicrobial, antiseptic, healing properties.

Essential Tips to Remember:

Sunscreens and higher SPF:

It is important to note that beauty products also include heat based hair styling devices. The skin and facial cosmetics with higher SPF numbers for protection under the sun too come in this ambit. The sunscreens and higher SPF enabled cosmetics save your body skin from excess tanning, dark spots etc.

Makeup removers:

Makeup removers are necessary if you resort to makeup and want to remove it smudge, greasy and hassle free. Likewise, the heat protectants for hair are a must if you prefer to style your hair with hair straightening brushes, hair irons, wands for bouncy curls. Post makeup and heat styling of hair requires the user to restore the skin and hair, with apt moisture content for easy de-tanglement, frizz free calming effects. This also addresses dryness, breaking hair strands and split ends.

Essential oils and vitamin supplements:

Essential oils and vitamin supplements must also be included if you are facing the issues of premature ageing. These are including in the cosmetic formula and highlighted in the ingredient information   (product description). It is also important to go through the right manner and order to use and apply as each product has a unique method of delivering its goodness stored in its contents. For instance the serum needs to just tap (no agitated rubbing) softly onto the skin patch. While the miniaturization creams and scrubs need to rub onto the skin in soft massaging motions.


Body hygiene goes together with your efforts to keep it up to the mark. The beauty and personal hygiene products are just made to make that possible. Both the natural or herbal based and chemically enriched ones are popular in this genre of personal care. You can effortlessly look and feel good with easy and right application of these cosmetic products. The bulk of such brands in the market ensure instant availability and accessibility to all. In addition, add up to the treasure of personal care with suitable beauty products for the best available body care at home. Check out the whey protein that supports a healthy diet.

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