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Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

Best-paying jobs in basic industries are one of the most satisfying and financially rewarding careers. Basic Industries are one of those sectors where the demand of individuals never seems to go away. 

Are you looking for the best paying jobs in basic industries? Whether you want to start your career or consider career transition, working in basic industries can prove to be a good path. Stick with us to know more about the job roles basic industries offer. 

What Are Called Basic Industries? 

Before we get started with the best paying jobs in the basic industries sector, we think it’s important to know what basic industries are. Basic Industries are one of the major industry sectors that contribute to the country’s economic development by providing raw materials to other industries. 

Some examples of basic industries are wood, paper, metallurgy, iron and steel, and others. The best paying jobs in basic industries can prove to be exciting career as the start of a career and provide a promising future job role. Having an experience of work in these industries can work as a ladder in your career. They do pay a decent amount according to the level of work and education. 

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries? 

Some of the best paying jobs in basic industries are listed below:

1. Petroleum Geologists:

Petroleum Geologists are one of the high-paying job roles in the basic industries sector. Though it does pay a decent amount, individuals can find it a bit difficult in the initial stage. Their work is to locate oil and gas deposits on the earth’s surface by carefully studying them. 

The petroleum geologists then inform their firms about the location that needs to be drilled. The average salary ranges from $97,000 to $119,000 per year. The pay depends on the size of the company and the job performance. 

2. Agronomists:

If you want to exclude yourself from doing the tough technical work, this career path is made for you. As the name suggests, the career is related to agriculture. The research for the farming sector to make the work easier and more effective. 

Agronomists are one of the best paying jobs in basic industries with minimum physical work. They are hired by government agencies to assist in research work on environmental, water, pesticides, conservation, and other agricultural projects. The average salary is expected to be $40,000 yearly. 

3. Metallurgists:

The first thing that comes to our mind when hearing the word metallurgist is work done with metals, and you’re correct but not entirely here’s how. Metallurgists are people who possess a deep understanding of a variety of metals, chemistry, and several other necessary ailments. 

They conduct research and work alongside miners in the extraction and processing of metals. For this job role, one must possess a master’s or Ph.D. degree. With experience and expertise, one can ladder up in one career by promotion to Senior Metallurgists or Principal Metallurgists. The average salary ranges from $64,310 to $86,510 annually. 

4. Drilling Engineers:

Drilling Engineers are one of the highest and best paying jobs in basic industries sector. They assist petroleum geologists in installing oil and gas wells in the drilling areas suggested by them. 

They help in identifying the most suitable area to drill for profitable results. Then, with the help of tools such as rotary rigs, high-pressure water hoses, pulverizers, and drills to extract them. Since it requires technical and research work, a particular qualification and internship are required. The average pay is expected to range between $113,860 to $210,440 per year. 

5. Loggers:

Logging worker is also one of those job roles that require physical strength, stamina, effort, and energy. Loggers are the ones that are responsible for felling and cutting trees, and loading them into vehicles for shipment. 

The professionals possess skills and expertise as the cutting of trees is not as easy as it seems. It requires various processes such as cutting, skidding, and pre-processing of logs, thereby making it one of the best paying jobs in basic industries.

They work long hours and in several weather conditions. If one with no prior experience wants to work as a logger, they can enter into an apprenticeship program and gain the necessary skills to secure the job. The average annual salary ranges from $28,000 to $70,000. 

6. Truck / Lorry Drivers:

Truck Drivers are one of the essential people, therefore, this is another best paying job in basic industries. The work of lorry drivers requires a lot of attention, effort, and expertise. Well, if you’re wondering why it requires attention or expertise, it’s because they carry raw materials or goods from one place to another therefore, they must pay attention while driving to ensure the safety of those materials. 

Notwithstanding weather conditions, traffic jams, breakdowns, or accidents, truck drivers have to work in every situation to meet deadlines. The salary mainly depends on experience, the company hired, and location which ranges from $52,000 to $64,000 yearly. 

7. Officers Who Ensure Health And Safety:

By the name, one can get an idea of this job role, and if not we’re here for your rescue. Certain industries that require heavy work such as mining etc are often exposed to hazards and risks to health. Therefore, these companies hire health and safety officers to ensure the safety of their workers on the job. 

These officials also play an important role in displaying the reports either to the government or to the company. They prepare reports by investigating the status of equipment, injuries, or damage caused to workers on-the-job and recommendations to improve them. This is also regarded as one of the best paying jobs in basic industries. The average salary is estimated at $56,000 annually. 

Several factors play an important role in securing a high paycheck in basic industry sectors. One must possess a particular knowledge, skills and prior experience to get hired by top companies that pay a decent amount to them. 

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