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How to Choose Bar Seating for Your Restaurant?

An amateur restaurateur might think that the choice of bar seating is unimportant. However, after 10.2% of restaurants permanently closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, every decision is essential for success.

But, how can restaurant seating affect your business?

The type of bar seating you choose for your restaurant can affect the way you do business. It can also affect how successful your business can become. Continue reading to learn how to make the right choice.

Why the Type of Bar Seating Matters:

One of the first steps in finding the right commercial seating for your bar is to understand why the bar seating matters. Don’t fall into the false assumption that it doesn’t matter or that any bar stools will work. 

There are a lot of benefits to your restaurant from selecting the right type of bar seating such as its impact on ambiance. However, it can also affect customer interest.

Creates Ambiance:

Restaurant seating is one of the aspects of design that people may not immediately notice unless it’s one of two things. The first thing is that it’s unique. The second thing is that it looks to be out of place.

When you put hard work into selecting your restaurant design, you want people to notice it. This contributes to the vibe of your restaurant and shows you’ve put consideration into the ambiance.

Improves Interest:

Choosing bar seating that people don’t notice is a mistake. It can be worse than choosing seating that feels out of place because it limits interest. Unique or interesting seating helps instill your vision in your customers.

Every decision you make in restaurant design should be strategic. You don’t want to become ‘just another restaurant.’ You want your bar to be distinguishable which can help attract and retain customers.

Determine Your Brand and Aesthetic:

Whether you’re just starting a business or in the process of remodeling, finding the right bar seating starts with determining your brand and desired aesthetic. Your chosen aesthetic will be what attracts your patrons.

Without a solid concept and theme, there’s a chance your restaurant will lack personality. When choosing counter stools or other bar seating, you need to consider how they fit into the aesthetic. They shouldn’t be a neutral choice.

The Role of the Bar:

When determining the aesthetic you want to achieve, you should consider the role of your restaurant’s bar. This will help you decide what kind of bar seating you need to achieve the desired aesthetic. 

If you offer a killer happy hour, you may want the bar to be one of the main attractions. You can achieve this with unique and interesting bar seating. If you want your bar to be a waiting area, focus on a mix of style and comfort.

Consider Your Layout:

Don’t forget to factor in your restaurant and bar area layout when deciding on the type of bar seating. While large areas offer the most opportunity for creativity, small spaces can be optimized as well. 

Accommodating a Small Space:

If you need the type of bar seating that’s good for a small space, consider backless counter stools. When you have limited space, you need to maximize it visually by creating more visual space, which a backless chair can do.

Even if you opt for smaller stools or backless stools, you don’t have to sacrifice your bar’s aesthetic. The right stackable counter stools can contribute to different aesthetics including rustic, contemporary, and more.

Maximizing Creativity:

What concept did you choose for your restaurant or remodel? What are the key features and small details that matter in that concept? How can you incorporate these features and details into bar and restaurant seating?

Asking yourself these questions is essential for maximizing creativity. You have to have a clear vision of what you want and what you need to achieve it. Identifying necessary characteristics will narrow your bar seating search.

Considerations for Commercial Seating:

With a clear vision, you can start shopping for the right bar stools and bar seating. While looking for the right style, there are a few other important characteristics to consider in terms of commercial seating. 

These include your goals for bar popularity and how you can achieve that. Factoring in details such as bar height, seating variety, budget, and materials can help you achieve your goals. 

Height of Bar:

A key feature of the best bar stools for restaurant seating is height. You want to ensure patrons are comfortable while sitting at your bar and height plays a role in achieving that. 

If you’re not sure what the final height of your bar will be, consider stools with adjustable heights. These allow you to accommodate people of different heights. They can also grow with your business if changes are needed later.

Bar Popularity:

Another important consideration is the popularity of the bar and the number of seats you need. Find a balance so you don’t have to turn guests away or lose money on regularly empty seats.

The type of seating plays a large role in increasing the popularity of your restaurant’s bar area as well. To increase or maintain popularity, emphasize comfort with back support and footrests. 

Commercial Seating Variety:

Enjoying a restaurant’s bar isn’t just about sitting at the counter. You need to consider offering a variety of restaurant seating in the bar area, especially if you have a larger space. 

If you want your bar to become a popular place to socialize, you need seating areas such as sofas and booths in addition to counter stools. This transforms your bar from just a bar to a place to relax and have fun.

Consider Your Budget:

Your budget can affect your choices in bar seating, but a small budget doesn’t have to mean settling. Bar stools are an investment in your restaurant and the right ones can help bring in more revenue. 

However, you may have to find creative ways to stretch your budget while still achieving your desired aesthetic. This includes searching for the best suppliers and the best deals. 

Secondhand Options:

If you’re working with a limited budget, consider secondhand bar seating as an option. As long as the chair is well-built and sturdy, it can be reupholstered or painted to meet your design needs. 

Choose colors, patterns, and textures that compliment your existing decor. Sometimes, refurbishing old pieces can give them new life as well as an interesting backstory. This is also a great way to contribute to conservation.

Quality of Materials:

Even in a restaurant, the bar can be filled with rowdy people looking for a fun time. Frequent and aggressive use can wear down bar seating quickly. For that reason, it’s important to invest in quality materials for your stools.

Try to avoid sacrificing quality to make room in your budget. If you want your chairs used regularly, then you’ll need something durable. This may cost more upfront but it will save you in replacement costs later on.

Find the Right Supplier:

While you and your staff can scour the internet, flea markets, and local furniture stores for the right bar stools and restaurant seating, the right supplier can make the process much easier. 

To find the right bar seating supplier, you want to find a company that you can trust. They should also have a reputation for versatility or focus on your desired style. 

Company Reputation:

Finding a company you can trust starts by learning about its reputation. You can achieve this by searching individual companies for your research. You can also use a Restaurant Furniture Suppliers list to get started.

Try to learn about customer experiences and the quality of the supplies. All companies have an occasional upset customer (whether earned or not), but you want to avoid companies with a consistently negative reputation.

Ask About the Details:

Before settling on one supplier, be sure to ask for their terms. You should understand whether you need a minimum order, how returns and refunds work, and any other general terms. 

Companies that want to work with you will be willing to answer these questions thoroughly so you don’t have to worry about them later on. They may also be willing to send you samples, so be sure to ask for them. 

Available Discounts:

Regardless of your current budget, you should always ask your bar seating supplier about discounts. Consider delaying your order if there’s a sale soon. Your supplier may also be willing to offer a deal to secure your business.

Discounts might also be available in terms of quantity. If you’re buying all-new seating from your supplier, bulk orders may receive a discount. 

Find the Right Bar Seating:

Finding the right bar seating is an essential aspect of establishing your bar in your restaurant. It can contribute to your aesthetic and grab the interest of potential patrons. Commit to quality and your vision for the best results.

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