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Cool Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary with your Wife

To a wife, an anniversary is a very important day. It is the day that you committed to love and cherish her above all others, the day you said you will be with her forever. An anniversary reminds your wife of that special day she walked down the aisle and you were there waiting for her. This was the day she left the home of her parents and committed to being with you forever.

It is any little girl’s dream to one day meet her Prince Charming and from the time young girls play with dolls, there is always a partner doll that comes to save her and take her away on that beautiful white horse and make her his bride.

This sounds like a “Fairy Tale” to a man, but believe me, to any young girl or woman, this is reality, and reality doesn’t stop there. Reality continues during the marriage. Roses on Valentine’s Day, a special trip to a botanical garden, or a home-cooked dinner, all done by you. This is what a woman dreams of and a man must be prepared.

Let us show you the way to keep your wife happy. Maybe you have heard the saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life”? Well, try it!

Is your wedding anniversary coming up? Here are some of the most awesome ideas, and they don’t have to cost a lot of money. It’s the memory and the idea that counts.

If you are a romantic this should be easy for you, but if you find the idea of a perfect anniversary gift burning a hole in your mind here is my advice to you:

Red is the color of love:

This is an easy one. Plan a romantic evening at home. Send the children to a friend or family and take the afternoon off from work. Buy two bunches of beautiful long-stemmed roses. Take one bunch and pick off the petals, strewing them all on the ground from the front door to the dining room table. Put the other bunch on the table in a vase. Now set the table with a clean white tablecloth, Champagne glasses, a bottle of the finest Champagne or Sparkling wine you can afford in an ice bucket. The scene is set. Don’t worry if you aren’t a chef, whatever you make will make her heart melt because you remembered this special day.

1. Since red is the color of love:

Have you ever thought about buying a couple’s set of magnetic red bracelets? This fascinating bracelet has so much meaning and is the embodiment of love. Not only is it red in color but it gives the power of energy, love, and healing to the wearer. Sharing this intimate object with your wife shows not only love as we think of it but the deep spiritual connection that makes the two of you one.

2. Have you ever taken your wife on a picnic?

If the answer is no, now is the perfect time to show her how romantic you are. Find a park that is safe and secure with a beautiful pond. Arrange with the security staff that you are doing this for your wedding anniversary. You will be surprised how ready they are to help you. If you already have a picnic basket, line it with a red tablecloth and pack a chilled bottle of Champagne and glasses, wrap it all securely so that nothing breaks. Instead of making a meal, think out of the box – pack a selection of your wife’s favorite cheeses, some breadsticks, and some salty biscuits. Add some caviar or pate and oysters – Voila, you have a picnic basket worthy of the angels.

How about giving your wife a beef jerky flower bouquet. This lovely arrangement doesn’t only wilt but is also tasty. Learn more about this edible arrangement by visiting Awesome Gifts Co.

3. Does your wife like to take long drives with you? Pick a destination that will leave her in awe!

Are there mountains and beautiful winding roads? This is the time to play your wife’s favorite music, even if it’s not your favorite music. Or you can drive along the oceanfront and watch the waves lapping against the shoreline. Take a drive while the sun is setting and stop at a look-out point to watch the burnt red and orange sun as it sets over the ocean. From the back of your car take out a chilled bottle of sparkling grape juice and champagne glasses to toast your anniversary in the majestic sunset.

4. Make her dream come true – Does your wife imagine taking a boat cruise?

Many women would love to go on a relaxing boat cruise, without having to take care

of children. There are sunset cruises available in most cities located near the ocean. The cruise departs just before sunset and young lovers and married couples spend a couple of hours on a boat while watching the sunset.

5. Poetry is a romantic gift that is unique. It can be read over and over through the years!

Go to your nearest bookstore and ask the person helping out what book has romantic love poems. Even easier, the internet is your best option for a wide variety of poems from any country or culture. Look for a poem that you think would express your heart’s desire and love. Print it out and go to a stationary store and buy beautiful paper, ask around for someone that can write in the style of Calligraphy, and have them copy the poem. Go the extra mile and buy a red wax seal to stamp on the bottom of the poem. This amazing, unusual gift is sure to leave your wife feeling special and loved.

Always remember:

Love is not meant only for anniversaries but for every day. If you love somebody, you love them every day, even in the little ways. By making sure the car is safe to drive, by taking the children to school, by mowing the lawn, and hundreds of daily tasks you do without even thinking about it.

An anniversary is that special day, the day to see your wife’s happy smile when she knows you have not forgotten your love for her. The day you, her knight in shining armor, took her hand in marriage. This is a special day to be remembered every year, so do something special on that day to take you both back to the memories of your youthful love!

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