Countries all around the world are slowly opening their doors to travelers once again. The months of you dreaming about your next adventure are about to end, and you can make your travel wishes come true. But given that a lot has changed in the world, it’s important that your travel checklist also reflects the new normal.

These items should be included:

Personal Hygiene Products

You may have been comfortable leaving your toothbrush at home because the hotel you’ll be staying in will provide disposable products, but unless you can be sure that the toiletries in your bed and breakfast are sanitized, it might be more reassuring to take your own. You can assume that big hotel will do everything they can to sanitize everything, but for a small bed and breakfasts, you might not get the same reassurance.

Travel-sized Hand Sanitizers

When you’re traveling, the liquids you can bring with you are controlled. You need to carry your liquid skincare products in small containers as your checklist, and this also goes for your hand sanitizers. Though we are currently in a pandemic, we still need to abide by travel rules to guarantee everyone’s safety. Keep your hand sanitizers in travel-friendly containers so that you will not experience any hiccups. It will also be easy for you to take the smaller container in the purse you have with you as you go from one tourist hotspot to another.

Skincare Products

From makeup removers to toners and Korean sunscreen, everything needs to be packed and secured in your traveling kit so that you can enjoy your days out without ruining your face. The last thing you want is to go out barefaced for the whole day and come back with sunburns or irritated skin. Carry a pack of wet wipes with you as well, in case you need to freshen up your face or fix those makeup booboos due to the humidity you weren’t prepared for.

Insurance and Travel Documents:

One of the things that have changed in the new normal is the addition of new documents needed when you travel. Depending on whether you’re traveling locally or internationally, you may need to secure health insurance before you’re allowed to fly. You also need to show proof of your health and comply with any additional requirements for your destination. The same is also important when you’re flying back home. For more places to continue to reopen, travelers need to abide by these new rules.

Personal UV Sanitizer

As always, when we’re faced with a new situation, some of the brightest inventors of our time innovate to provide us with products that we can use in our daily lives. One of the new products that became popular during this time of pandemic is the UV sanitizer, which will be the perfect companion when you travel. You can rest assured that the items you took outside can be disinfected when you get home or get back to your hotel at the end of the day. Sanitize your phone, glasses, and all items you bought, for your own peace of mind.

Eventually, everyone will travel again. When you do, make sure you’re packing for the new normal checklist.