Are you worried about your skin color? Do you have dark spots on your skin? Is your skin tanned by sunlight? Are you ashamed of the skin color of different parts of the body like arms, legs? Here we will give you some natural tips that will help you get rid of all these problems and that solution is about the best fruit juice for skin whitening & lightening.

Everyone wants healthy skin which is appreciated by everyone. There are thousands of products on the market that claim to whiten your skin very quickly, but did you know that the number of chemicals in those products can make your skin more vulnerable and unhealthy? They offer you to reduce tanned skin or tanned spot bumps.

Fruit juice is the best way to improve your skin from dark to fair and it is a natural way to get fair skin without any side effects.

Fruit juice for skin whitening & lightening:

Any fruit juices are rich in minerals, as well as high in vitamin C, which enhances the radiance of your skin. It also has multiple benefits, such as increasing the number of antioxidants in your skin, adding essential nutrients to your skin, and giving your skin a glow of beauty. These are cheaper than the cosmetics products on the market and are good for the skin.
Come let’s check out some best fruit juice for skin whitening & lightening.

Lemon juice:

You may be wondering which lemon is better for fair skin? It is better to say here that any type of lemon juice is beneficial for fair skin and it is one of the best fruit juice for skin whitening & lightening. Lemon juice contains vitamin C which helps to remove dark spots on your skin. Lemons also contain citric acid which helps to brighten your skin. Make a paste by mixing honey with lemon juice and apply it on the skin regularly. This will relieve tanning and black spots on your skin. Make it a habit to drink orange juice regularly before breakfast. It will also help digestion with the radiance of your skin.

Lemon juice

Apple juice:

Apple juice is one of the ways to increase the fairness of your skin. Apples contain a combination of antioxidants and minerals like chlorine, zinc, iron, and magnesium, which protect your skin from wrinkles as well as whitening the skin.

Apple juice

Mango juice:

Mango is one of the best fruit juice for skin whitening & lightening. Mango juice contains vitamin A which helps to dry and lighten your oily skin. You can protect your skin from pimples and acne by drinking mango juice regularly and applying mango peel as a facial.

Mango juice

Papaya juice:

Papaya contains an enzyme called papain which helps to fill in the dark spots and pores on your skin. Drinking papaya juice regularly dark circles under the eyes. Removes dark spots on the skin and makes your skin fair and soft.

Watermelon Juice:

Watermelon juice contains most of the water. Regularly drinking watermelon juice eliminates the lack of water in the body as well as protects your skin from tan in the bright sun. Paste it and apply it on the skin regularly and wait for a while and wash it off with cold water. It will remove dirt from the inside of the skin and make your skin radiant and fair in a long time.

Watermelon Juice


Fruit juice is one of the natural resources of human life for fair skin. Different fruit juices do different things. However, every fruit juice is beneficial for your bright and fair skin. Drink the above fruit juices regularly and wait to notice the change in your skin. This is a long-term practice. Only then will you be able to notice your change.